Geothermal units are prized for their efficiency.  The newly redesigned and ultra-efficient Carrier geothermal system provides total home comfort year-round.  These systems have the flexibility to be installed with multiple loop types, all of which take advantage of the energy stored underground to heat and cool our homes.  For three straight years, no one in Northwest Ohio has installed more Carrier geothermal systems than Perry’s Heating and Air Conditioning.  We are your true geothermal experts.

Below are a series of videos on geothermal systems. This first video explains how geothermal systems work and why they are so efficient.

This next video explains the many benefits of a geothermal system.

This final video explains the different types of loop options you have with a Carrier geothermal system.  A Carrier geothermal can be installed with a horizontal loop, vertical loop, pond loop or open loop system.  Our Perry’s design team will work with you to identify which loop type would be best for your property.